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Vulnerable Populations

We provide comprehensive, intensive services to eligible foreign-born populations experiencing complex adjustment issues as well as present a barrier to accessing necessary services.

Populations served include individuals experiencing challenges with such issues as:

Program services focus on:

We offer individual, group and family-centered services with an emphasis on post-traumatic stress, grief, depression and other responses related to migration-related trauma. Methods used include a variety of therapeutic methods, with a focus on trauma informed care. We are a member of the Care Access for New Americans (CANA) mental health referral system for foreign-born individuals founded by the St. Louis Mental Health Board (MHB).

Staff offers trainings to other providers and the public on a wide variety of topics related to work with foreign-born clients.

We manage and support the Eastern Missouri/Southern Illinois Rescue and Restore Consortium. The consortium is collaborative of four networks, which conduct outreach and education to identify trafficking victims.

Contact Information:

Rosie Lang
314-773-9090, ext. 143