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Other Donations

The International Institute is contractually obligated to provide essential household furnishings, e.g., bed and frame, table and chair per family member, lamps in rooms without overhead lights, etc. While we have an arrangement to purchase beds, tables and chairs, we rely on community donations to fit many of the other needs.

Our current Household and Personal Item Wish List:

Also, please accept our apologies in advance if you offer furnishings that we cannot take. Ths small number of staff cannot always respond quickly to a pick-up request, especially if it is a great distance away from our facility. And we do not have storage space. So we can only accept large donations when we have a household into which we can immediately place the donated item.

Contact Information:

For Non-Financial Donations:
Rebecca Niedner
314-773-9090 ext. 174

For Large Item Pick Up Inquiries:
314-773-9090, ext. 145