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Global Farms

About the Farm

The International Institute Global Farms program helps New Americans provide fresh, healthy food for their families, decrease household expenditures on groceries and achieve greater financial independence. We currently operate two urban farm sites: the North Farm (1188 Hodiamont Avenue) located in the West End neighborhood and the South Farm (4030 Folsom Avenue) located in the Botanical Heights Neighborhood.

The goal of our program is two-fold: 1) to provide farmers with access to healthy nutritional options for their families, and 2) to provide farmers with opportunities to earn supplemental income and/or a career in agriculture through a variety of trainings designed to increase farming knowledge and skill. Many New Americans are already experienced farmers with multi-generational traditions of farming. This program delivers technical assistance as they acclimate to farming in Missouri and learn how to grow for American tastes and markets.

Farmers come from a variety of countries including Burundi, Bhutan, Burma, Liberia, Morocco, Nepal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan, Honduras, Mexico, and Somalia. These New Americans participate in an intensive season of growing and marketing to help launch their individual careers as farmers. After completing the Global Farms Program, refugees who wish to make farming their career are eligible to apply for a loan from the International Institute Community Development Corporation to lease or buy their own land for farming.

You can get involved in our exciting initiative:

  • Volunteer and internship opportunities
  • • Refer refugees and immigrants with experience and interest in agriculture by contacting Joel Walker at walkerj@iistl.org or call (314)773-9090 ext. 128

Thanks to grants from the Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program and USDA's Farmers Market Promotion Program, with technical support from Lincoln University’s Innovative Small Farms.

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