Interpretation- How We Do It

Our interpreters are experienced professionals who are native speakers in the languages of the appointment. They are clear communicators with an appropriate command of the technical words needed to perform the job. High quality interpreters can facilitate linguistic and cultural communication, smoothing conflict and confusion between the source-speaker and the target audience.


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In-Person Interpretation Languages and Dialects

The International Institute has exceptionally strong ties in our ethnic communities because of our 90-year service history. Our specialty is offering interpretation in new and emerging languages. We usually can provide in-person in the St. Louis region in the following 35 languages and dialects:

Albanian Farsi Kurdish Russian
Amharic French Mai Mai Somali
Arabic Gujarati Mandarin Spanish (European)
Bengali Hebrew Moldavian Spanish (Latin American)
Bosnian Hindi Nepali Swahili
Bulgarian Japanese Polish Triginya
Catonese Karen Portuguese (Brazilian) Ukranian
Dari Korean Punjabi Urdu
Dutch Kunama Romanian Vietnamese

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