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Elderly Services - Special Needs

Arriving in America as an elderly refugee is a daunting task. At an age when one would think about retirement, the individual must learn a new language and adapt to a new culture instead.

Services provided the elderly refugee is geared toward successful independent aging and integration into the broader St. Louis community by:

Group events like quarterly meetings and caregiver education are venues to provide information and services relevant to the elderly including citizenship, SSI, Medicare, housing options, MOPTC, transportation, health care, and access to community services. Some meetings include health screenings and other one-on-one services. ESOL classes are available for the elderly to learn English and develop their communication skills. Workshops and special classes like interview practice help them prepare for the citizenship process. Field trips and participation in city and county fairs for the elderly provide opportunities for socialization and cultural immersion.

All refugees who are 60 or older are eligible for services which are provided without cost to the client. The program is funded by a variety of public and private sources including the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) and funding from the general revenue of the State of Missouri.

Contact Information:

Marilou Connoyer

314-773-9090, ext. 191

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