What We Do

Multicultural and Ethnic Market Research

International Institute of St. Louis works with companies to help them more intimately understand their multicultural and ethnic consumer base. Insights gained will help companies better understand their cultural group's consumer behavior and the impact of environmental factors. Our services include:

  • Access to Multicultural and Ethnic Focus Groups in St. Louis to assess sales messages and creative concepts and gain multicultural consumer insight.

  • Expertise in developing Multicultural Research Tools and Surveys so companies get an accurate market analysis and assessment. We will help you to gather the right information and interpret it for a maximum return on your investment.

  • Knowledge of The Story of Ethnic and Immigrant Groups to help you devise solutions to complex issues facing your target population.

Promotional and Customer Engagement

Customer engagement in emerging multicultural markets can be a difficult challenge for companies that lack sufficient experience in specifying their promotional mix to their targeted ethnic group and that are new to interacting with their ethnic consumer base. The International Institute of St. Louis has a strong conceptual understanding and broad day-to-day experience with ethnic groups across St. Louis. Our services include:

  • Learning how to bridge customer communication gaps and effectively tailoring your promotional mix to your target cultural group through our Cross-Cultural Promotions Training.

  • Effectively promoting your sales message in your population's native language through use of our Translation and Interpretation Services.

  • Serving as a Business Engagement Point to multicultural and ethnic markets within St. Louis using our strong ties with ethnic businesses and community leaders.

How We Help

International Institute of St. Louis customizes our services to the individual needs of our clients. We work with clients to assess their needs and provide a custom package from our list of core services as presented below. After services have been complete, we follow-up to assess progress and subsequent improvement in your marketing efforts. Examples of services include:

Multicultural and Ethnic Focus Groups

With our extensive ties to multicultural communities of St. Louis, International Institute of St. Louis is able to procure almost any assembly of focus groups to fit your multicultural research needs. We can assemble the group, facilitate the group, and administer your research tools to the focus group. If preferred, we can also enable your own research leaders to facilitate and administer your research.

Multicultural Research Tools and Surveys

The International Institute of St. Louis has the network to test your surveys on the local ethnic community. Our experts will help you to gather the right information and to interpret the information for a maximum return on your investment.

Story of Ethnic Groups and Immigrant

This workshop will build participants' knowledge of the cultural dimensions of the selected cultural group. This training can also help identify the specific needs for selected cultural groups and service needs for these groups. Topics covered can include patterns of acculturation, the impact of US immigration law and policies, history and impact of immigrants within St. Louis, and demographics.

Cross-Cultural Promotions Training

This training focuses on teaching the nuances of your identified population's communication style. Training elements for your selected cultural group can include identifying their face-to-face interaction styles, teaching skills on how to build trust with this group, learning how to provide an attractive purchasing environment, and providing cultural dimensions of your selected population so can effectively create your promotional mix.


Our team of consultants and trainers are highly-trained experts with many years of experience and community involvement at the highest levels in their fields. They are the key resources to help you build your business with new multicultural customers and workforce.

Through our International Business Solutions Center which was established in 1999, we offer a variety of multicultural consulting services and products to individuals and businesses. Whether your company wants to build your global market share or local ethnic and multicultural market prospects, we can help. Or perhaps your company is seeking multicultural workforce solutions and proven methods of building cross-cultural communication, cultural sensitivity, and a strong work culture. We can help!

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