Through our International Business Solutions Center, established in 1999, we offer a variety of multicultural training services and products to individuals and businesses. Whether your company wants to build your global market share or local ethnic and multicultural market prospects, we can help. Or perhaps your company is seeking multicultural workforce solutions and proven methods of building cross-cultural communication, cultural sensitivity, and a strong work culture. We can help!

Our team of consultants and trainers are highly-trained experts with many years of experience and community involvement at the highest levels in their fields. They are the key resources to help you build your business with new multicultural customers and workforce.

Workforce Cultural Inclusion:
What We Do

According to the Migration Policy Institute (2005), the U.S foreign-born workforce grew by more than 96% from 1990-2005, nearly nine times the growth rate of native-born workforce. Further it is projected by DiversityInc Magazine (2007) that new immigrants and their children will drive 100% of US workforce growth between 2010 and 2030.

So workforce inclusion is more than about race and gender – it is about real cultural differences within your workforce, as well as your customer base.

Competitive advantages stemming from workforce inclusion includes attracting top talent, retention, and promotion of team productivity. Companies must now account for cultural differences in the workplace as we move ahead into the Global Century.

If you're ready to move beyond awareness and knowledge and into development of skills to work in multicultural environments, we can help!

The International Institute of St. Louis is well-positioned to offer cultural sensitivity, knowledge and competency trainings to produce these competitive advantages. We offer the following services that are customizable based on your company's needs:

  • Learn a practical framework to attract and retain diverse talent by better understanding and appreciating cultural differences in workplace through Cultural Competency Training.

  • Improve workforce productivity and train your global leaders through Cross-Cultural Communications Training.

  • Train your staff through customized Train the Trainer programs to learn the knowledge and skills to adequately educate your employees in the administration of cultural competency training to build synergy and innovation.

  • Facilitate workplace communication and negotiations with Translation and Interpretation Services.

How We Help

International Institute of St. Louis customizes our services to the individual needs of our clients. We work with clients to assess their needs and provide a custom package from our list of core services as presented below. After services have been complete, we follow up to assess progress and subsequent improvement in your employee workforce. Two-hour, half-day and full and multi-day training programs are available. Examples of services include:

Cultural Competency Training

This training will explore cultural differences and provide a schema for trans-cultural understanding such as learning about different dimensions of culture groups, how to identify and resolve cultural conflicts, and different communication and interaction styles of disparate cultural groups. Through cultural simulation games and other experiential activities, participants will build their understanding of cultural viewpoints. Diversity and cultural competency is about so much more than race and gender, and we can give you the tools to navigate very real cultural differences among different ethnic groups around the world.

Cross–Cultural Communications Training

This training will help participants bridge the communication gap among coworkers, or customers who have different cultural backgrounds. The participants will learn skills that will build trust among workforce teams as well as learn special techniques to communicate with those that have lower English proficiency. Training will encompass role-plays and hands on skill-building activities.


This program is for trainers within a company and is especially beneficial for large organizations that want to train many employees. Trainers will acquire the knowledge and skills to educate other employees in cultural competency and cross-cultural communications. In addition, this program can help organizations build their internal capacity and develop working solutions to address diversity issues at their sites.

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