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Afghan SIV's

This page will be continually updated with more information.

Please note that we are currently receiving a lot of inquiries at this time, it may take a little longer for us to respond. We appreciate your help and ask that you understand if there is a delay in our response.


How you can help

Donate to frontline organizations here in St. Louis.
  • International Institute of St. Louis - serving populations from all around the world in the St. Louis area since 1919. As the only refugee resettlement agency in the St. Louis region, IISTL on average serves 7,500 individuals on an annual basis. With deep cuts to the refugee resettlement program over the past several years, IISTL is working on building capacity in order to serve those who come to St. Louis and are in the most need. You can help by sharing current job openings. Not able to donate monetarily? Organize a donation drive for some of our most needed items. Or host a fundraising event or donation drive.
  • Oasis International Ministries (314-353-3800) & House of Goods Baitulmal (314-833-3300) both serve critical roles in providing goods and services to newly arrived refugees. Along with monetary donations, they both accept and distribute donated furniture and household items to refugees to start their new lives here in St. Louis. IISTL utilizes help from both organizations regularly.
Donate to organizations working in Afghanistan and surrounding areas to help.
Donate to specialized service organizations here in St. Louis.

We're so fortunate to live in such a diverse city where foreign-born community support organizations are plentiful. It's not just about newly arrived refugees. These organizations serve the wider immigrant populations in our region.

Prepare to volunteer your time and energy.

We know that we at IISTL are anticipating 1,000 refugee cases this year. We don't know when they will come - sometimes we will receive as little as 24-48 hours' notice of arrival. IISTL, as well as the above-mentioned organizations, will need your help. The best things you can do right now is to prepare - fill out interest forms and applications, stay engaged and informed. We're sure other organizations will form and become more involved. New needs will formulate. Be patient and flexible with the ever-changing landscape that is refugee resettlement.

Advocate on any and all levels.

Pick up the phone. Call your representatives (local, state, federal) and let them know that you want action from them now and on an ongoing basis around the issue of Afghan resettlement. Policy makers as well as shapers of public discourse need to understand that there is broad bipartisan consensus for Afghan resettlement and that - regardless of opinions on the military engagement - the United States should not abandon its allies to be persecuted.