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COVID-19 Resources and Databases

Hardworking people from within our community and all over the world have worked to support each other amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We have compiled a few of the more thorough and language-accessible resources and resource databases below! You can find St. Louis-specific resources and databases to the right!

General National Resources

COVID-19 Information for Refugees

Information available in Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Kinyarwanda, Nepali, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tigrinya, Ukrainian.

Provides links to resources on prevention, general COVID information, posters, isolation guidance, testing, managing symptoms, using masks, and managing anxiety. Click here to access.

Immigrants Rising - Tangible Support for Immigrant Communities During COVID-19

Available in English and Spanish.

Information on addressing fear and coping with stress, health access and guidance, connecting to free/low-cost resources, relief funds, legal rights, supporting businesses, housing, education, social distancing, federal government updates, and case tracking. Visit here to access.

COVID-19 Database for 90 Different Languages

Available in 90 different languages.

Very comprehensive Google Drive folder with information about all things COVID-19 translated into different languages. Click here to access.

COVID-19 Resources for Undocumented Immigrants

Available in Spanish and English.

Information about COVID-19, surviving quarantine, relief funds, access to technology, support networks, education materials, skill-shares. Visit here for more information.

Know Your Rights During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Refugees & Immigrants Rights)
COVID-19: Understanding Guidance and Rules (Available in 7 Languages)

General Local Resources/Databases

Saint Louis County COVID-19 Information Center

Information available in many different languages.

Provides information about COVID-19 testing, statistics, government services, prevention, mask wearing, relief funds, mental health support, education, employee and business resources, and utilities assistance. Visit here to access.

Prepare STL

Translated into Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. Flyers available in Bosnian, Vietnamese, Swahili, Arabic, Nepali and Hindi.

Information on reopening, masks, social distancing, hand washing, prevention, symptoms, treatment and care, and local resources. Click here to access.

COVID-19 Resources in Bosnian

Available in Bosnian. Click here to access.

St. Louis City COVID-19 Coronavirus Information

Available in English.

Information about local updates and ordinances, reopening guidance, current case counts, testing information, financial support for individuals, employees, and businesses. Click here to access.

St. Louis COVID-19 Social Resource List

Available in English.

This was last updated May 1 so some of the information may be outdated. Provides information about food resources, funding, general COVID-19 information and statistics, when to get tested, safe prevention strategies, technology request information. Click here to access.

STL COVID-19 Resources

Primarily available in English, has fact-sheets in various languages.

Information about St. Louis updates, St. Louis handouts, food, shelter, utility support, worker's rights information, hotlines, immigration enforcement, and community mutual aid. Click here to access.

Past Resources

These resources have not been updated recently, so some of the information may no longer be correct.

For St. Louis and East St. Louis specific resources, visit here.

For South Side and St. Louis-specific resources, visit here.

Start Here STL: St. Louis Area Resource Directory

Available in English.

Has information on all kinds of resources, from COVID-19 related to general housing, disability, domestic violence, employment, food, legal, immigrant, medical, mental, health, LGBTQ, substance abuse, etc. Click here to access.

Legal + Business

St. Louis COVID-19 Regional Business Information Center

Available in English.

Provides information about the STL Regional Business Recovery Initiative, business resources, regional resources, webinar series to aid business recovery, and local news updates. Click here to access.

Small Business and Employee Resources

Available in English.

Click here to see a few resources for local businesses.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Available in English and Spanish.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce offers a wide range of resources and assistance to local Hispanic businesses. Click here for more information.

Language Resources

There are many organizations and websites that have translated essential COVID-19 information into various languages.

Food + Housing

Food Programs and Pantries List

List in English of various meal providers and food pantries.

Click here to access.

Human Services County Youth Programs

Distribution of food and masks available at the Center for Youth on the Rise at 12079 Bellefontaine Rd, St. Louis MO 63138. Click here for more information.

St. Louis Area Foodbank Pantry Finding Service

Available in English.

Find a food pantry near you here.

Operation Food Search

Available in English.

Food assistance location map with hours and information available here.


St. Louis Take Out and Delivery Restaurant List

Available in English.

This list contains website and contact information for restaurants in St. Louis that offer takeout and delivery options. Click here to access.

STL COVID-19 and Fair Housing Rights

Available in English.

Click here to access information about housing rights and local updates.

St. Louis Evictions, Repairs, and Health Concerns During COVID

Available in English.

Click here to read more.

Housing Shelters

Available in English.

For information on shelters for men, click here.

For information on shelters for women, click here.

St. Louis Housing Authority

Available in English.

They offer important updates on housing and grants and loans. Find more here.