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Immigrant Career Pathways

Do you have a foreign-earned degree and experience? Are you unsure of how to connect to your industry here in the US? Could you benefit from professional advice and support? Are you ready to take the steps to work towards your career goals?

In this program, we build a roadmap together to provide information about your career industry in the U.S. while identifying your professional strength and weaknesses, and connect you to opportunities to gain skills and experience to advance.

To learn more and get connected to this program, please fill out this Career Pathways Interest form.

Immigrant Career Pathways Contact Information:

Aziza Mirkhanova
314-773-9090, ext. 153

Career Advancement for International Professionals (CAIP)

CAIP is a four-week/16 hour soft-skills training program for international professionals featuring:

  • Resume Writing
  • Interviews & Professional Communication
  • Job Search Tactics & Social Media
  • Recertification & Credentialing
  • Practical Application & Role-Playing

Job interview practice sessions include local professionals who work with students on presentation skills and demeanor. Graduation certificates awarded for satisfactory program completion. Networking referrals will be made to the STL Regional Chamber’s Professional Connector Program.

Tuition is just $489 for the full 16-hour course. Scholarships may be available on request.

CAIP Contact Information:

Marisa Hendel
314-773-9090, ext. 108

Refugee Career Pathways

Individualized, technical assistance with goal setting and career plan building based upon individual participant needs and barriers to entry of their career field. Access to internal and external resources and on-going career coaching. Eligibility:

  • Refugee, Aslyee, SIV, Cuban/Haitian Entrant, Ameriasian in the US for less than 5 years
  • Seeking to enter a career field here in the United States

Refugee Career Pathways Contact Information:

Cailin Touseull
314-773-9090, ext. 186

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