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How You Can Help!

Foster a more welcome community for immigrants and refugees. Take personal action today!

Make a difference in the lives of foreign-born newcomers. Meanwhile, contribute to the rich cultural mosaic of our region, thereby benefitting all our residents.

We here at the International Institute believe that all St. Louisans benefit from living in a community with residents of diverse races, religions and national origins. Our mission is to help immigrants and their families become productive Americans and to champion ethnic diversity as a cultural and economic strength.

We live in trying times. Now more than ever, it is important to protect vulnerable refugees and immigrants by creating a more welcoming St. Louis. What can you do?


Volunteer by yourself or with a group

Intern for a semester

Hire an immigrant

Patronize a refugee-owned local business.

Organize a donation drive of your choosing at your school, church, or workplace.

Reach out to other local immigrant service providers in case they have volunteer needs.

Advocate – Share your support of refugee resettlement with your elected officials, sign the Stand #WithRefugees petition of the UNHCR, or submit an op-ed or newsletter article. Tips for writing Op-Eds can be found using the link.

Fundraise for us!

Organize a Fundraiser

Are you doing something cool? Are you running a race? Getting married? Requesting charitable donations for your birthday instead of gifts? Fundraise for us!

By doing any of the above—and more—you can help the International Institute work toward its mission of creating a more welcoming community for immigrants and shared prosperity for all St. Louisans.

Recent large-scale examples include individuals, groups, restauranteurs, musicians and others who have sponsors events to raise funds to help support refugee resettlement. They include:

— Race 4 Refugees – A locally-organized 5k run, which attracted 500 registrants.

— Love to Eat, Eat to Love – A 40+ restaurant collaborate to benefit IISTL and the St. Louis Mosaic Project.

— South Grand International Dine-Out Night – featuring a dozen restaurants and bars.

Popular events have also been organized by Starbucks, Rooster, Tick Tock Tavern, 4 Hands Brewery, Lulu’s Local Eatery, Niche Food Group, Heavy Anchor, Bake & Gather for Good, and many more.

Schools and churches have also organized bake sales and fundraisers to show their support for refugees and other newcomers.

To contact an Institute representative to learn more, click here.

Join us in taking action. Get informed. Share the facts. Donate. Volunteer.