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Kemper Courtyard

Rental Fee

  • $150 for two hours + $50 for each additional hour during operating hours. For non-operating hours, an additional $20/hour will be charged. Non-profit organization will receive 10% discount of base rental fee.

Space Options

  • Maximum seating Theater-style: 75
  • Maximum capacity for a standing event: 125

Space Guidelines

  • Available for reservation in after 5 p.m. Thursday & Friday. Weekend reservations (Saturday/Sunday) are available throughout the day and evening.
  • Events hosted in these spaces must comply with the guidelines for all space rentals.
  • Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.
  • Food and drink are allowed in space for all events.
  • Please reserve an inclement weather location and work with your event coordinator to create a secondary plan; last-minute revisions may not be possible without a plan already in place.

Space Amenities

  • Four picnic tables available
  • Access to gym lobby for use of restrooms
  • All other furniture will need to be rented from a third party vendor

Equipment and Audio-Visual Features

  • No audio-visual equipment is provided with this space.