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COVID-19 News & Information

Schools for Children in St. Louis City and County will begin in August

Schools for children in St. Louis City and County will begin in August.  Different school districts have different plans for instruction in the new school year.

St. Louis City Public School district is giving 3 enrollment options for students.

The 3 options are:

(1) in-classroom instruction at a St. Louis Public School building or
(2) online video instruction taught by a St. Louis Public School teacher using Microsoft Teams/Zoom or
(3) independent, self-directed virtual instruction from an online instruction service called Edmentum.

Families who want their children to do online instruction from home instead of in school must select #2 or #3 on an online SLPS “2020 -2021 School Year Commitment Form by July 30th.  Students who choose #3 option must continue with option #3 for the entire school year.

However, students who choose option #1 or #2 can change to a different option after each quarter.

If families do not complete the form, their children will be assigned to in-classroom instruction at a St. Louis Public school (Option #1).

For more information about St. Louis City Public schools, please contact the ESOL office at (314) 664-1066.

For more information about a different school in St. Louis City or County, you must contact your child’s school.

Audio message about school openings in different languages:








News Articles & Other Resources

Language Access Information for Local Hotlines

  • St. Louis City Hotline – 314-657-1499
    • Open between 8 am to 10 pm
    • Ask for interpreter
  • St. Louis County Hotline – 314-614-2660
    • Press 2
    • Wait
    • Ask for Interpreter
  • Mercy Hotline for Testing – 314-251-0500
    • Press 2
    • Ask for an interpreter
  • Missouri Hotline – 877-435-8411
    • Press 1
    • Wait
    • Ask for Interpreter

If you are sent to voicemail, say your language first, then leave your message. For example: Nepali, or I speak Nepali.

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