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International Dash & Dine

September 14 to 25, 2020

Our first-ever International Dash & Dine combines the spirit of a 5K run and the support of local immigrants. Help us “Dash” our way to the finish line, and “Dine” with a local international restaurant to celebrate!

How it works:

  • Sign up for International Dash & Dine
  • Commit to raising a suggested $500 or more to be added to our Dash Leaderboard
  • Raise your goal amount by sending your friends a link to our Donate page, where they can fill in your name and enter their donation amount.
  • Once you reach your goal, run/walk/skip (you name it!) a 5K or distance of your choice (no times will be recorded)
  • After reaching your personal finish line, celebrate by dining with one of our suggested international eateries
  • If you’d like, send us an email or Facebook message with pictures of your “Dash” success and “Dine” celebration! We will post these images to our Facebook page, and the image with the most “likes” on September 25 will be featured in our 2020 Annual Report to highlight your role in supporting St. Louis immigrants and refugees.

By participating in this event, you are not only helping to keep vital programs running but you are also helping small businesses and our community’s economy. We are deeply grateful for your continued support of International Institute of St. Louis!

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