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Profiles of Group of Diverse people with the Anna E. Crosslin Center for Multicultural Excellence logo

The Anna E. Crosslin Center for Multicultural Excellence connects the St. Louis community—individuals, community organizations and businesses alike—with the power of multiculturalism. Recognizing and embracing diverse identities and strengths across cultures makes our city and region stronger.

We promote inclusivity and multiculturalism because we know that embracing these values is key to growth, opportunity and prosperity for all. We invite you, your organization or business to join us on this journey.


Our Legacy

Named after the International Institute’s longtime CEO and multicultural thought leader, the Anna E. Crosslin Center for Multicultural Excellence creates the bridges connecting the many diverse cultures within St. Louis and centers the humanity at the root of cultures and their expressions. By valuing the dignity and worth of every individual, we foster excellence within institutions across our community, including schools, businesses, organizations, communities, and ultimately ensure the greater region is welcoming to all and a place where every person can thrive.


Collective Journey

The Center for Multicultural Excellence offers individuals, community organizations and companies—small and large—to become members, aligning themselves with the value of multiculturalism and premium access to a host of benefits, including first-access to events, discounted service rates, professional development opportunities and access to connect and network with other like-minded people.

We foster excellence by:

  • Showcase the unique experiences, talents, expressions and strengths of the many cultures within the St. Louis region
  • Provide experiential learnings and simulations to deepen understanding and expand horizons
  • Serve as a resource hub for training and share knowledge on how to foster multicultural excellence
  • Grant access to a resource hub for training and knowledge to guide leaders and professionals in building more inclusive, connected, and engaged organizations and workforces to drive innovation and growth


Becoming a Member of the Center for Multicultural Excellence

Membership levels, pricing and benefits are to be released in the spring of 2023. Sign up for emails to become founding members of the Anna E. Crosslin Center for Multicultural Excellence.