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In 2021, we are living in the Global Century, just as the American Century designated the twentieth century. To gain a strong foothold in our now global economy, it is imperative that the St. Louis Region more actively embraces the inclusive experiences, thoughts, and actions of our diverse residents. Accordingly, the International Institute of St. Louis (IISTL) proposes to launch the Anna E. Crosslin Center for Multicultural Excellence to serve as the regional and national resource hub for training and knowledge related to multicultural diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

The Center, named after the International Institute’s longtime CEO and prominent multicultural thought leader, will build on the International Institute’s 100-year history in providing transition and acculturation services to immigrants. The Center will also introduce experiential learnings and simulations, consulting services, and offer a venue for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) professionals, both subject experts and learners, to meet, collaborate and build their multicultural knowledge.

The payoff will be huge. Participants will expand their multicultural perspectives and problem-solving skills. Companies and organizations will build more inclusive, connected and engaged workforces and reach out to more diverse customers. Regionally, we will demonstrate measurable positive movement toward becoming a more welcoming community for all.