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Investing in refugee and immigrant women. Investing in community.

March is Women’s History Month, and this year’s International Women’s Day theme is Inspire Inclusion. Women play vital roles in families across cultures and provide value to their communities. Women, particularly, show their resilience in times of crisis like fleeing violence or war, and forced migration. When women are educated, invested in, and supported, they provide immense value socially and economically to their community.

The International Institute of St. Louis was initially opened to serve and help integrate immigrant women and girls into our community in 1919. Today we serve thousands of immigrants and refugees each year.  

Since December 2023:

  • We have welcomed over 300 new arrivals—more than 3x as many as we saw during the same period last year.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 of new arrivals have been girls under 18.
  • 160 the new arrivals have been women and girls.
Inspiring Inclusion
Empowering women equals community investment.
Rotating headshots of immigrant women with the word EMPOWERED.
Series of photos of Amela, her family, and her art with overlaying text that reads, Generational Growth

When we include women into our community, into societal infrastructure and support those who are starting a new life, we are actually investing in the success of our community.

Welcoming immigrants and refugees to St. Louis since 1919. Welcoming our newest neighbors today.

In 2023, the International Institute welcomed nearly 1,500 individuals coming to the region from more than 30 countries including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Haiti.

Fleeing violence and war, many arrive with few, if any, belongings but with an interest building a better life.

Your donation provides language classes, job placement and training, small business and micro-loans, unique programming like youth mentoring, and basic resources and homewares.

About the International Institute of St. Louis

We welcome the world to create greater prosperity for all.

For more than a century, the International Institute of St. Louis has been the bridge connecting St. Louis to the world, welcoming generations of new St. Louisans from hundreds of countries across the globe.

We provide opportunities for immigrants and refugees to thrive to create greater prosperity in our region for all.